Rob Kidney  |  ロブ・キドニー

1969年英国ブライトン出身。 音楽やアパレル、雑誌などで活躍する英国人アーティスト/イラストレーター。鮮やかな色と力強い手描きのラインでインパクトのあるイラストを多数手掛ける。イギリスのダンスユニットBasement JaxxのCDカバーイラストで知られ、子供服のイラストも手掛けるなど、大人から子供までファン層が広い。 これまでに伊勢丹やそごうなど日本各地で個展を開催。 2012年より、東京・田端にあるギャラリーWISH LESSのオーナーとして、展覧会のキュレーションも行う。

Rob Kidney was born in England and studied illustration at Brighton University and is now based in Tokyo. He has a wide global client base mainly in music and fashion, he became recognised after producing record covers,a promotion video and visuals for Basement Jaxx ‘Rooty’ album. Recently developing a reputation for his customising abilities working with interior brands such as unico. His work is both raw and vibrant, with bold lines and an acid color palette.His unique characters have the perfect balance between simplicity and innocence, with a touch of mischievousness that appeals to all age groups.In 2012 he opened his own gallery ‘WISH LESS’ in Tokyo where he curates exhibitions from foreign and Japanese artists.

Clients : Chubbygang, X-girl, XL-Recordings, Ozone Rocks, Universal Music, BMG Japan, Shodensha, Victor/Speedstar Records, avex music creative Inc. etc…

Past exhibitions :
2002 A couple ‘o’ weeks of stink at DEPOT  ( DEPOT Gallery- Nakameguro,Tokyo )
2003 VERSUS exhibition Vol.2  ( Parco Museum-Shibuya,Tokyo )
2004 Monchhichi-WHAT NOT !!!  ( Parco department store-Shibuya,Tokyo )
2004 Ura Monchhichi  ( DEPOT Gallery- Nakameguro,Tokyo )
2005 Relax Boyz-Guys in Relax town.  ( DEPOT Gallery- Nakameguro,Tokyo )
2009 Installation for Skank ( Wut Berlin- Aoyama,Tokyo )
2010 X-Girl Stages T-Shirts/Zine launch.Pop-up exhibition ( XGS store- Aoyama,Tokyo )
2013 100% SOBER ( WISH-LESS Gallery- Tabata,Tokyo )
2014 STILL HEAR ( WISH-LESS Gallery- Tabata,Tokyo )
2014 Rob Kidney exhibition  ( AL- Daikanyama,Tokyo )
2015 Fall in love  ( Tambourin Gallery- Shibuya,Tokyo )
2015 Rob Kidney exhibition ~MY BEST FRIENDS~  ( Isetan Department store- Shinjuku,Tokyo )
2016 Maneki Neko show  ( Isetan Department store- Shinjuku,Tokyo )
2016 KAITEN KIDNEY  ( A STORE ROBOT- Harajuku,Tokyo )
2017 HOUSE OF KIDNEY  ( Za Gallery- Komagome,Tokyo )
2018 FRUITY DISCO  ( LOFT Yokohama- Yokohama,Kanagawa )
2018 FRUITY DISCO  ( LOFT Ginza- Ginza,Tokyo )
2018 Vinnie Nylon | A.CE | Rob Kidney exhibition  ( TAG STÅ- Fukuoka )