Rob Kidney Solo Exhibition ‘NRG TOO’ @VINYL TOKYO

ロブ・キドニーの個展「NRG TOO」をJR東京駅構内グランスタ「VINYL TOKYO」にて開催いたします。


Rob Kidney Solo Exhibition
「NRG TOO(エナジー・ツー)」

2024年2月10日(土) 〜 2月21日(水)
平日・土曜 8:00 ~ 22:00 / 日曜・祝日 8:00 ~ 21:00

東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1 JR東日本東京駅構内1F グランスタ東京 (MAP)



NRG TOOは、ロブ・キドニーの多様でポップなキャラクターを讃える展覧会です。





NRG TOO is a celebration of Rob Kidney’s diverse and pop characters.
Rob’s characters, some with vacant expressions and others with glistening eyes, are seen to represent people’s natural feelings of joy, sadness, surprise and bewilderment, and truly portray the world we live in and its infinite variety.
Rob’s work has been characterised by clear, bold lines and colours, but recently he has been actively introducing a more natural colouring style that deviates from human control, making use of the unique blotches and separations that occur when mixing oil and watercolour. This is inspired by the lush countryside and beautiful animals and plants that can be seen from his studio.

Rob’s constant stream of unique characters is based on his childhood love of action hero figures, the record cover art of his favourite musicians, and the unconventional logo designs and sub-characters he sees in Japan. Music also plays a big part in the creative process, inputting the vast amount of images he consumes and remixing them as new creatures in his brain to the rhythm of his favourite music.

The gallery will be 100 % filled with lovable characters full of ‘Rob-ness’.