WISH LESS 10th Anniversary exhibition

ロブ・キドニーが運営するギャラリーWISH LESSが10周年を迎えました。
10年の節目を記念して、WISH LESSと深い関わりのある作家によるグループ展を開催しました。


さらにWISH LESSの共同オーナーであるYokeyと陶器作品も手がけております。


WISH LESS 10周年記念展

木曜~日曜 12:00~18:00
月曜~水曜 休み
会場:WISH LESS gallery (東京都北区田端5-12-10
▶︎ Opening reception : 11月26日(土) 18時〜20時
ゲストDJ:おしるこちゃん @0465chan

かつて東京のモンマルトルと称された街・田端にて、2012年12月にWISH LESSは誕生し、今年で10周年を迎えます。

A.CE × Vinnie Nylon
AKANE ISHIGA × 441 yon yon ichi
Ichisan × Rob Kidney
抜水摩耶 × 22世紀ジェダイ
中村保夫(東京キララ社)× 濱口健
林香苗武 × Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance)
Rob Kidney × Yokey


WISH LESS gallery was established in December 2012 in Tabata, an area once known as the Montmartre of Tokyo and this year marks its 10th anniversary.
Since opening, WISH LESS has been curating unique exhibitions across a wide range of tastes and has always presented a new sense of value where a diverse range of art intersects, including painting, photography, sculpture, video, music and performance.
On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition with 15 artists who have a deep connection with the gallery. We have paired up artists from different genres who will collaborate with each other to create new works especially for the exhibition. We hope you will enjoy this energetic fusion of art that brings together their unique aesthetics.
A limited number of special royal mugs commemorating the 10th anniversary will also be on sale at the venue.

Artists line up
A.CE × Vinnie Nylon
AKANE ISHIGA × yon yon ichi
Ichisan × Rob Kidney
Maya Nukumizu × 22nd Century Jedi
Yasuo Nakamura (Tokyo Kirara-sha) × Ken Hamaguchi
Hayashi Kanae Takeshi × Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance)
Rob Kidney × Yokey