[Music] Rob Kidney X The Magus Project – NRG MOB


ロブ・キドニーが東京を拠点に活動するミュージシャン The Magus Projectと共同で楽曲を制作しました。



Born out of a collaboration between Tokyo-based artist Rob Kidney (Wishless Gallery) and Tokyo-based musician James ‘The Magus Project‘ Banbury, NRG MOB is a neon-lit, neoprene-wearing, neo-Hi-NRG breaks driven banger.
The track sports a kitchen-sink style production: blending the essential ingredients of 80s Hi-NRG (drama, vocoder, attitude, sequenced bass) and current retro-rave (breaks, airhorns, whoops, riffs).

Instant download preorder up on bandcamp. Link here.


2023 What Sonic? / WS003
Release date: 22nd September 2023
Very limited-edition lathe cut hand painted 10” vinyl art piece / digital download and streaming

“I have always been searching for the musical representation of the colours and motifs in my visual output. Through the imagination and creative vision of James Banbury the search is over!”

Produced by James Banbury and Rob Kidney
Written by James Banbury and Rob Kidney
Artwork by Rob Kidney
Recorded in Tokyo, Japan
Mastered by Beau at Ten Eight Seven Mastering
Lathe cut by ART VINYL.TOKYO