Cover art for Kenji Suzuki (Kenji Jammer)’s new album ‘Guitar DJ’

Kenji Jammerこと鈴木賢司さんのソロアルバムがリリースされ、カバーアートを Rob Kidney が担当しました。


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Rob’s cover for the new Kenji Suzuki AKA Kenji Jammer solo album ‘Guitar DJ’ released!
Rob has been a fan of Kenji’s music since he first heard his guitar work on the Tim Simenon / Stacy Peralta – Attack video in 1989 and the second Bomb the Bass album. Guitar DJ is a return by Kenji to those breakbeat flavours.
It was a real honour to be asked by Kenji to produce the artwork for the release, Rob wanted to create something with the feeling of a
sticker on DJ’s record box from the late 80’s . I used bright coloured high-gloss house paint applied thickly to the canvas, I kept it bold and simple as I wanted it to have an impact even when viewed as an icon on streaming services.